Principal's Message

Principal MartinezIt is through the pursuit of academic excellence from teachers, staff, and scholars that Martin Van Buren continues to progress towards high achievement. As your Principal, I am proud to be a part of this extraordinary school. We will continue to advance towards increased achievement scores.


Students learn best when they engage in activities that encourage critical thinking and real world connections.  In our Engineering and Robotics, Science Research and Law and Humanities Programs, students will participate in varied learning opportunities that will pique their interest.  Through a collaboration with NASA, state of the art DNA lab, and trips to Catalina, our science research program provides upcoming scientists with hand-on scientific research and experiences.  Future lawyers will engage in debates in our brand new modern courtroom and have the opportunity to participle in Model UN and Moot Court.  Our partnerships with a prestigious law firm provides them with real world experiences. In our innovative robotics program and team, students will communicate across different technology platforms.


We offer multiple AP courses (English Language, English Literature, Calculus AB, Biology, Environmental Science, Spanish Language, World History, US History, Computer Science Principles and Psychology. Every year we continue to add additional courses.  College Now classes, Eng. 101, Speech, Biology and Health, are offered off campus as well.


Through our programs, students are provided with multiple opportunities for college and career readiness.  Our students receive acceptances to several programs; for example, in November 2019, one of our scholars received a full scholarship to Yale!  Additionally, they have received acceptances to the Sophie Davis School of Medicine and Biomedical Education, Columbia University, Dartmouth, Temple University, Cornell University, University of Buffalo, NYU, SUNY centers, such as Binghamton and Stony Brook, Pace University, and many other highly competitive colleges and universities.


I look forward to collaboration with students, faculty, alumni and parents towards the advancement of student achievement and success.


In Collaboration,


Ms. Tracy Martinez